Couples Coaching

Healing Broken Marriages Through the Love of Christ

When trust is broken, where do you turn? Who understands? Who can comprehend the pain and brokenness you’re experiencing?

Sometimes, there’s no advice available from a counselor that can soothe the pain felt by someone who’s been cheated, abused, or neglected. The trust is gone. The fears haunt you. The betrayal is overwhelming.

As we’ve personally found, there is no one who understands the pain like someone who’s been there. A little empathy can work wonders on a broken heart. That’s why we’ve created Couples Coaching.

Couples Coaching is designed to help couples, like you and your spouse, who are struggling with those feelings. We know what it’s like to need a Godly perspective on love, healing, forgiveness, and change, and we praise God for giving it to us. We’d love to offer those same things to you.

Couples Coaching is a real-life approach – face to face – to your marriage. We talk you through the ins and the outs of your marriage and what God says about fixing it. We’ll help you deal with the pain and learn how to forgive. We’ll help you to develop a Godly perspective on living as God works in your hearts, minds, and marriage. You’ll learn how to communicate more effectively, take your God-given roles more seriously, and love as Christ loved.

Couples Coaching is our opportunity to give back where we’ve received.

Currently, we’re limited to coaching couples in Indiana, specifically, Central Indiana. But, we’re always willing to be on conference calls and video chats as the opportunity and need arises. As well, we’re always emailing, IMing and talking on the phone with individuals and couples. If you’re interested in more information specifically about Couples Coaching and help for your struggling relationship, feel free to contact us.


“Thank you for taking the time to talk with me. You are truly a man of Christ. Anyone reading this who may be feeling this kind of pain, you are not alone.” -Jason of California

“Derek and Lisa are very real people that have incredible humility to use their marital struggles in order to help others. It’s not very often you will find a couple not only open to sharing their story but also willing to invest their time in helping other marital relationship overcome and blossom into the Godly marriage God has called us all to.” -Scotia McClung, Ph.D Marriage & Family Therapy

“At the beginning of 2007, our marriage and lives fell apart. We met the Guyers early in that struggle, and they have served us in almost every way. They have given when they’ve hardly had anything and listened while they were overwhelmed themselves. They have played an instrumental role in the Rise of our Home.” -Joe & Cari of Indianapolis

“Rise of the Home’s ministry is of a rare breed. There’s an old trick to get a dog to take its medecine by wrapping the pill in a slice of bologna. The bologna isn’t doing the healing, the pill is. Likewise, a lot of marriage ministries wrap the Gospel in cheap mnemonics and bad comedy when the nut of every book and lecture on the topic is the self-sacrificial message of Jesus. Rise of the Home shows a little more respect to people’s time and mental capacity by offering the bare Gospel of Christ for their wounds, without all the bologna.” – Charlie of Texas

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