Desperate for Help

Help for Desperate Spouses in Broken Marriages

We’ve found that most people searching for our site are in desperate need of help. We know because of what they type into the search engines to find us. If that’s why you’ve come to us, then we don’t want you to leave empty handed.

Below, we’ve begun collecting a group of these links, articles, and sound clips that we, and those we serve, have found helpful in their hard times.

If you can’t find it below, always feel free to contact us. We’re trying to make ourselves more and more available as we see the need for that is growing. May we be an instrument of God’s righteousness.


Go and Sin No More: How to End an Affair by Lisa Guyer
It’s a Slow Fade by Derek Guyer
Hedges: Loving Your Marriage Enough To Protect It– This is a great book with some very practical advice.
Covenant Eyes: Protecting you or your loved ones from exposure to pornography through internet filtering and monitoring


Learning to Let Go: Forgiveness by Derek Guyer
Forgiveness: An Ongoing Process from
Part II of Forgiveness from
Forgiveness: How Many Times? by Matt Vaillancourt
Why Forgive? from
Healing Wounds by Derek Guyer

Surviving Sexual Sins (from the offended and the offender’s perspectives)

Pornography, Adultery, and Sexual Betrayal by Dr. David B. Hawkins
Sexual Addiction by Mark Laaser and Patrick Carnes
Helping Wives Deal With a Husband Who is Into Pornography (for hurting wives)


EMDR Therapy (We’ve watched EMDR therapy do tremendous things for healing Christians and Christian couples)

We’ll constantly be adding to this page as we find great resources and aids. Feel free to send us things that have helped you or that might be helpful to others who are desperate and overwhelmed.

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