Posted by: Derek Guyer | February 15, 2013

Lifting Hearts and Burdens

Lost River Four Quartet Singing Valentines

Yesterday, I was blessed with an opportunity to do singing valentines in Bowling Green, KY with my local quartet for some really cool people. People hired us to bring a rose, a box of chocolates, and a song to someone they loved. I believe we sang a total of 28 valentines throughout the day. It was a day full of emotions for everyone involved.

On our way to one of the appointments, we read through the information we had been given and noticed that we were being asked to sing three songs. I immediately baulked and said, “They paid for one. We don’t know that many songs yet. They’re only going to get what they paid for.” (We’re a brand new quartet…as in a week old and know very little music as a group.)

When we pulled up, the wife who hired our quartet to sing to her husband walked us into the assisted living facility where here husband was living. As we walked in, she shared that he was having a rough day. It became clear as we were introduced to him that he was suffering from something like dementia or alzheimer’s disease. It was humbling to see his state and to think of my words as we drove to this stop.

You could tell everyone was excited to see us! We spent the next few minutes singing the only songs we knew to both he and his wife and a small audience that had gathered in the room to hear us and received a great response from all in the room.

Lost River Four singing valentines for a coupleBut, as we sang, I noticed that tears streamed down her face as she stroked his arm. Apparently he doesn’t remember her any more. But, she clearly knew he loved acapella singing and wanted him to have that for Valentine’s Day. As we approached them afterwards to thank them for having us, we noticed that both of them had been crying as he continually wiped tears from his own cheeks

It was a sobering reality for all four of us as we walked out together. While I saw some pretty funny and very romantic moments yesterday and enjoyed them all, this moment for me was the most special of all. I was reminded that life is short and fragile. We went on with our day, singing over and over again, but thoughts of that couple never left me.

The four of us had an opportunity to share our talents for the glory of God yesterday, and I’m thankful we did it. But, I guess I’m more impressed with the growing reality in me that the use of my talents has less to do with me and more to do with others. My talent, time, and efforts had an impact on one couple yesterday that may have only lasted for a short moment, but it helped. That moment of relief for them created in me a lasting impact.

Now, I would do anything to go back and learn another 50 songs so that we could keep singing to them. I would do anything to make sure my talents could lessen their pain and provide them with some love.

I think all of us need this reminder. We need to see the struggles of others. But, instead of comparing them to our own struggles, we need to simply lift those burdens. We need to ease that pain. We need to love that person. After all, that’s the core of God’s design for us.

“Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.”

Galatians 6:2 NIV

So, I’m going back to sing for that couple. I’m asking my quartet to join me, but my family is going for sure. I don’t care what we sing and, frankly, I don’t think they will either. I just want to lift that burden.

Find a burden. Lift it. God loves it.

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