2013 Schedule of Spring/Summer/Fall Retreats

We currently do not have any retreats scheduled for 2013. We have received a lot of interest in scheduling them in different areas of the country and have been actively praying for direction about them. If you’re interested in hosting or planning a weekend like this in your area, feel free to contact us!


Retreat Testimonies:

“[The retreat] was devastatingly real. I had to immediately confront where I was in my relationship with God. But from that point forward, it was all support in recognizing God does want a real individual relationship with me. It has changed my attitude from intellectual religion toward sincere relationship.” -Tim G., California

“It was the time in my life when I reconnected with God, when I learned, not just heard about, surrender and let Him take over my life for the first time. I walked into the retreat wanting to kill myself, and left finally having hope in Christ… I will never be the same old Bill again. Thank you Lord!” -Bill R., Indiana

“It was good to be with a group of guys with basically the same issues, learning about our created purpose and how to get back to that through what Jesus accompished on the cross. My life was changed, and i know others were too.” -Mel C., Michigan

“I spent so much of my time believing that I was the most vile and corrupt of all, and that I was far worse than anybody else who had ever lived. Before the retreats I felt so weary and alone, and now I look forward to waking up each day because I know that with the prayers of my brothers and the love of my God I can overcome anything. Even greater than that is the knowledge that it is not really me but the power of God who moves and wills within me.” -Calvin T., Ohio


We’re really excited to have offered men’s, women’s, and father/son retreats in Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan in the past several years. We strive to give a power-packed weekend of encouragement, challenge, and help for everyone attending, no matter what age, race, or gender you might be. The retreats are open to those who are both single and married and will and do benefit both. We pray you’ll consider a weekend with us as we enjoy the richness of our Father together.


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