Posted by: Lisa Guyer | July 8, 2008

Go and Sin No More: How to End an Affair

I’m sure many of you have seen the Passion of the Christ movie. This movie came out only months after I confessed the affair to my husband.  We were still having major struggles with my heart and with my attitude.  But I remember going to see this movie in the theater.  I remember being moved by the movie as a whole, but one scene is forever embedded in my mind.  It’s not the scene of Jesus being beaten, or of Judas betraying him, or even of the tomb being found empty.  No, to me, the most memorable scene of the entire movie occurs about halfway through where the adulterous woman is dragged in the street to be condemned by Jesus.


I wasn’t prepared for this to be a part of the movie.  So, when she was brought out, I felt totally naked.  I felt like everyone in the theater was looking at me.  Like they knew what I had done.  Like I was the woman lying on the ground at Jesus’ feet and the mob was standing around me with stones in their hands.  But, then Jesus spoke to the mob and ordered the one who was without sin to through the first stone.  The mob slowly started to dwindle until I felt like I was left alone with Him.  I remember the look on her face as He spoke to her and she humbly looked up at Him.  I felt like He looked at me and said, “Lisa, neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more.” (John 8:1-11)


I don’t remember much of the movie after that point.  I just remember that feeling of terrible embarrassment, but then the feeling of great forgiveness.  I felt like I had no choice but to “go and sin no more.”  I had to make that choice that I was no longer going to be a slave to Satan but to fight for the Lord’s side once again.


This is where I feel many of you might be.  You are in a place that you know is wrong.  I was there!  Even after confessing to Derek about the affair, I still kept in contact with the other man for a few months.  So obviously just telling other people about it didn’t convince me.  I had to make my mind up that I had to change.  You have to do that same thing.  You have to make the decision that no matter what—no matter if your spouse leaves you, no matter if your friends are embarrassed by you, no matter if you have to stop having “fun”, no matter if you have to move to another city—no matter what, you are going to stop your life of sin and get back to where you should be. 


You have to take the risk of feeling naked in a crowd like I did.  You have to take that leap of faith and know that Jesus is waiting to catch you.  He will catch you, wipe your tears, and Forgive You.  But He’s not going to force you to make the change.  You have to jump into his open arms.  


Jump with us.  We want to hold your hand as you take a running start and then jump.  Email us.  Just today we were asked how we actually got to where we are now.  We want to help you figure that out.  We want to help give you the strength to do what I did and make your mind up to change.  You CAN get out of the pit you are in.  Just do it.  Come jump with us.


  1. We’re clear that Jesus defeated the works of the Devil. Jesus gave us the authority, through His Name, over the works of the Devil, and he told us how to do it in Matthew 4:1-11, and in other places.

    So, with that in mind, a person should have no problem. And, yet, they do. That’s cuz they are trying to do it on their own, and Jesus said that they cannot.

    Even more so, they are trying to persuade themselves that they need the affair, that they want it, in inner conversation. What the Word calls “filthy conversation.” They try to justify their lusts, or they listen to an inner suggestion that they are justified. They confess it rather than what Jesus did. Their lusts are more powerful, to them, than what Jesus did.

    Jesus did not have conversation with the Devil, rather responded to him with Scripture cuz, to have conversation with him would be tantamount to confessing what the Devil says, rather than what the Word says, to give place to the Devil, rather than the Word. Y’see, He already separated the goat thoughts from the sheep thoughts, and we have to do the same. The Word of God does this.

    So, the key is to get back to the Word of God and confess That, not one’s own lusts. Quit having filthy conversation that is intended to persuade against the Good Things of God. What Jesus taught in Matthew 4 is key to understanding that.

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