Story of Our Marriage

Lisa and I have been married for almost 10 years now and to say it’s been difficult would be the understatement of the decade. The first two years of our marriage were wrought with health problems, fear, church problems, broken business, lost adoptions, and infidelity. We’ve looked to Jesus to learn how to love and He’s proven faithful.As a result, he’s begun using us to help other couples who have lost site of their vows, their God, and their hope. It is our hope through the love of Jesus we can help others rise where we have fallen.

We’ve been blessed with five beautiful children, Malachi, Caitlyn, Josiah, Annabelle, and Enoch, and are searching the word to understand how to “train them up in the way they should go.” They’ve become instrumental in teaching us so much about the love of our Father and training us up as well.

We are currently counseling, writing, and teaching about our fall, the redemptive work of Jesus, and how homes can rise through Him. We’ve seen God  continually using our story as a tool to minister to others who are hurting, broken, and fallen in their own homes. We’ve helped couples across the world from all ages and races, some with no belief in God at all and others who have lived saying they loved Him while doing exactly what He hates. It’s our prayer that out of the ashes our homes will rise, but this will happen only in the love of Jesus.

For a more complete version of this story, please visit this post. We’ve shared it more in detail there in hopes it will encourage both those who are falling and those who are rising now.


  1. What do you do when you have done all that you know and the marriage doesn’t work out. Despite the prayers, counseling, hope and hard work. How do I walk away with nothing left but pain. The pain that was caused by his addictions. I have realized that I have grown healthier because I now realize I am worth far more and I am no longer in denial and I can clearly see the abuse. If he tells me that he is leaving to go to the store and doesn’t come back until the morning and doesn’t see how much pain this causes. Lately it has been very hard even getting out of the bed. Depression and grief is a process of losing a marriage and a spouse that was hour best friend. Questions bombard my mind, how could a spouse with a good heart allow himself to use and hurt the ones that love him dearly.

  2. Derek you need to update the number of children in your story! 🙂 what a blessing you and Lisa are to all in need of this help and I know all married couples do need this help!

    • Thanks for that correction, Eileen. Done. We love doing all of this. It’s an incredible joy to see what Father has done over the last several years. Thank you for the encouragement and love!

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  4. […] Story of Our Marriage […]

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