Posted by: Derek Guyer | January 17, 2013

Living with Jesus

As I pray for your home and the way you live, I constantly think about your perseverance as you trust the living God. We may not know one another, but I have prayed often for your ability to see beyond your burdens in order to see Jesus. Frankly, I’m glad all of you who have come to our site haven’t tried to contact us for help. While I am always happy to help, I am always aware of the reality that I could never keep up with all of you. So, I lift you up in prayer before the throne of God and ask that He awaken you to truths that you need for the moment.

See, one of the problems with our thinking is that we think we have to get it all figured out. We are fixers. We are planners. We are our own gods, whether we admit it or not. We are out there trying to do the business of God, but we are failing miserably. We can’t keep fighting, because we are fighting a fight we can’t win. We don’t keep our eyes on the Savior, because we are busy trying to save things ourself. Trusting faith isn’t just lacking. It seems to be completely absent.

There has to be a turning point in our thinking. We, as the people of God, have to come to a place where we realize our own thinking is failing us. Our homes are failing. Our marriages are failing. Our lives are failing.

The apostle Paul knew something special of trusting God through the best and the worst. He wrote about it repeatedly. One of my favorite writings of Paul and his attitude towards the trials of this life came in the first chapter of Philippians. In this part of the letter to the church at Philippi, he made clear that his physical chains had been difficult and that, at the moment of writing the letter, he was still in prison for Christ. Life was not easy, yet Paul repeatedly talked about his joy to his friends in Philippi. How could Paul boast of joy in such miserable circumstances? How could he feel so close to God when the realities of his physical life were so grim?

Paul summed the idea up in one phrase of Phil. 1:21: “To live is Christ and to die is gain.” Paul saw his life in the light of one thing; Christ Jesus. His trials were minimal in his own mind, because he saw them in the light of Christ. He saw them in the light of life with Christ. He was finding joy in his own life because whether he was experiencing joy or sorrow, he was experiencing it with Jesus. Living for Paul literally had everything to do with Jesus. There was no living outside of Jesus in Paul’s mind.

What about you? Is every struggle you experience characterized by the pain of the moment or by your joy of experiencing every trial with Jesus by your side? Are you consumed with your own struggles or with Jesus himself?

Paul understood that, in their worst case, struggles would lead to death and death would lead him into the eternal arms of his Savior, Jesus. This meant that in life or in death, Paul was to be with Jesus. It was in this state of mind that Paul found peace. What about you? Do you find joy in Jesus like this?

How would your home, your marriage, your children, your very life be different if life was truly lived with Christ Jesus? If you say you are living with Christ, where is your joy? If you trusted Jesus in this moment, how could your life be different?

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