Posted by: Derek Guyer | March 13, 2012

Ten Things You Should Know to Save Your Marriage From Divorce

Helping Christian Marriages to Avoid DivorceSeveral years ago, Dr. Tracy Scott, at Feeding the Soul Christian Ministries and Healthy Living Seminars, put up a great post on the Healthy Living Seminars Blog. The post was entitled Saving a Christian Marriage from Divorce: Ten things you should know. In the post, Dr. Scott offers ten powerful points for all of us who are striving to build  prevent divorce and godly marriages. Here are the ten things Dr. Scott suggests committing to in your own marriage:

1.      Sincere commitment of your life to Jesus Christ. 

2.      Commitment to a Christ-centered marriage. 

3.      Christian marriages make a “No matter what decisions”.  

4.      Christian marriages take the word “divorce” out of their vocabulary. 

5.      Christian marriages that don’t divorce understands that their spouse can not meet all of their needs.  

6.      Christian marriages that are not divorcing walk with a heart of forgiveness.  

7.      Christian marriages that desire to not divorce are careful not to levy personal attacks against their spouse.

8.      Christian marriages that prevent divorce from occurring in their marriages understand that their spouse is their helper and not their enemy.

9.      Christian marriages who are not divorcing understand the power of praise and prayer, especially intercessory prayer for their spouse. 

10. Christian marriages that move away from divorce understands that counsel is beneficial especially when conflicts or convictions are challenging.

This is great advice for all of us! Reading through this list, I realize that Lisa and I are committed to all of these principles and living them in our own hearts and minds. These commitments keep us healthy and thriving, rather than empty and separated.

I’d encourage you to check out the post and look at the verses and details within it. What Dr. Scott has written provides a great way to strengthen a weakened marriage and/or to remember your commitment to your healthy marriage.

Saving a Christian Marriage from Divorce: Ten things you should know

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