Posted by: Derek Guyer | February 23, 2012

Finding Hope for Broken Marriages & Homes

I was reading through an article this morning that my good friend, LaRon, had sent to me a couple of months back. In the midst of the move to Kentucky, I hadn’t been able to stop and look at it and then it got lost in the masses of emails sitting in my gmail account. After some dialogue with him yesterday, I remembered I had never read it and pulled it back up.

I really want to encourage our readers and the couples we serve to check out this post called Broken Homes in the Bible” by Richard Pratt, Jr.

For those of you struggling to deal with the guilt, frustration, and despair of a broken marriage and/or home and who are fighting to keep their hope in Christ alone, I believe this article will do a lot of good for your faith and trust.

“Trust in His love for you and never give up. Our Father sent His only Son to die and rise again to forgive our sins and heal our shame. He is our hope in all the brokenness we face in our lives.”

-Richard Pratt, Jr.

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