Posted by: Lisa Guyer | February 21, 2012

A Blessing in “The Curse”

On February 11th, at 12:06 pm, God chose to bless our family, once again.  We were given a precious little boy to add to our family.  Weighing in at 6 lbs 3 oz, Enoch Daniel was born into our family.  He has already been such a joy to us and to his siblings.  We praise God for the amazing gift that he gave us.

Even though, Enoch’s birth has been such a blessing to us, I experienced another huge blessing during my labor, about an hour before his actual arrival.  However, before I describe that, let me give you some history.  With each of our previous children, I chose to get an epidural during labor.  It had always been a wonderful choice for me, and I have actually been able to truly enjoy each of their labors and births.  Each labor has been full of laughter, joking, praising, and smiles.  They have been calm and relaxed.  Much of the reasoning behind my decision to have the epidural was because of my fears of the pain and the unknown of not having one.  Even when I got to the hospital with our third child and found out that I was already 9 cm dilated, I was given an epidural to finish it out!  With each birth, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

However, something kept nagging at me after that.  I began thinking about our “curse” as women from Genesis 3.  I began wondering if I was missing out on something that God had intended me to go through for a purpose.  I felt God leading me towards a “natural” birth for our next one and the thought terrified me.  I chose to avoid making any decisions about it, but the idea still remained as I felt God pushing me in that direction.  When we found out we were pregnant again, the leading continued.  Derek and I discussed the idea a lot, but we never made any decisions, and he always just left it as my choice.

As the pregnancy progressed, I became more and more convinced that God was asking me to experience this birth “naturally”. I knew in my mind that this was something that I needed to do, but my heart was definitely not in love with the idea!  I was scared and even panicky about the thought.  As we found out that I was in labor Friday evening, I asked Derek to help me to not get any medicines or epidural during labor.  He agreed, that if that was what I truly wanted, then he would support me in that and push against me if I asked for anything in the moment.

Well, for those of you who have never experienced labor pains…it hurts.  A lot!  There were so many moments that I truly did not think that I was going to be able to live through the event.  It is a pain that is so unimaginable.  It is a pain that comes and goes with each contraction, but one that also intensifies each time that it returns.  It is a pain that, without medication, you know will keep coming until the end result is achieved.

As horrifying and awful as the pain may sound, I believe that God asked me to endure this for a beautiful reason.  He wanted me to more fully understand his love and his grace for me.  With each contraction, I was tempted to believe that I could not endure this and that I was absolutely going to need something in order to “survive”. Yet, every time that thought entered my mind, it was quickly followed by “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13 NKJV)  I was able to refocus my mind and make it through the contraction.  I also remember being flooded with the idea that “this feeling will not last forever”. Both of these promises helped me to endure the pain and to feel the joy of the end result; holding my new son and feeling the relief of the pain subsiding.

It is now very clear to me why God asked me to experience the birth this way.  He was trying to show me what my sin has done.  He wanted me to see and to know the pain that He has endured because of my selfish choices that I make on a daily basis.  Yet, he also wanted me to see that, even though the pain was so awful and so intense, it was over just as quickly as it had begun.  Not only that, but that I was given a blessing, a tangible reminder, my son, to have and to love as a reward.

My sin, just as Eve’s did, causes myself, God, and those around me so much pain in the moment.  It can wreak havoc on our lives and hearts.  However, just as quickly as that pain begins, it is also completely taken away by the grace of God and with His forgiveness.  And then, not only is the pain gone, but we are left with a gift; the gift of His Son, sent to save us and redeem us.

I was not happy with God asking me to experience this birth this way.  But now that I can see this amazing picture of his love for us in this way, I am so thankful that I chose to listen to Him.  I no longer view our “curse” as truly a curse, but rather as just another way that He is trying to get us to see that everything He does is to bring us into a more perfect relationship with Him.  He didn’t “curse” us to punish us.  He “cursed” us to prove His love.  Wow!  Praise God!


  1. Beautiful!

  2. Derek and Lisa both of you are so amazing in you real life addiction to Christ! This story was just another gift and blessing that you have given to me and many others!

  3. Wow! What a deep thought! As a male, I don’t even know how to properly respond with empathy.
    May God continue to bless your family.

  4. Crying as I read this. Very well said 😉

  5. WOW!!!!! Very powerful. I had 5 natural births and have never thought of it that way… Thanks for giving me that perspective.. What a blessing you and Derek are to so many people..
    Love you and your family so much!!!

  6. Lisa, you are an amazing woman, wife and mother! I praise God for you and Derek and your wonderful family and your impact in our lives. This post is such a testimony to the grace of our Heavenly Father…praising his name each and every moment! Love you so much. ~Monica

  7. Lisa, love and greatly appreciated your life story about “the curse”. I truely know where you are coming from. I also had my 3 children all natural. But, I never viewed as you described. I always felt there was a reason why I needed to do it without meds. It just didn’t feel right. Now that you have said what you have felt, it all makes sense. It truely is a blessing to be able to experience that. Thank you so much for helping me to figure out why I felt I needed to go “all na-tur-al”. It was so i could appreciate God more

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