Posted by: Derek Guyer | December 2, 2011

ROTH Update: We’re moving!!

Brothers and Sisters,

We have experienced one of the most challenging and discouraging years of heartache and brokenness ever in our work with Rise of the Home. We’ve seen some very dear friends and family fall to the ways of the world and the temptations of their flesh and are watching several people very close to us suffer the pains of divorce, adultery, and sin.

While it has been extremely challenging and, even at times, very discouraging, we have also seen tremendous signs of the glory of God in hearts and homes as well. We received a call from a wife just yesterday explaining how years of frustration and pain from her husband’s multiple affairs have been overcome recently through the power of the Spirit.  As a result, they have been spending daily time in scripture as a couple and with their children.

I believe the consistency of the good and bad news is partly what keeps us persevering through those hard times. As challenging as the hard times can be, we are always blessed with stories of couples who are overcoming and seeing the glory of God alive in their homes. Praise God for sustaining even us through all of these times.

Through the last year of retreats and counseling, we’ve seen 9 brothers and sisters come to Christ and die in the waters of baptism. It’s been a great encouragement to see the dedication of those disciples in their homes. Praise Father!

We can also see that God is in the process of changing and moving our ministry, though.  We’ve always known that the traveling as a family, to meet the needs of the body, was a temporary solution.  As a result of increased calls and needs for help, we have fervently put to prayer what we have perceived as being a need for our family and ministry to work from a central location where couples can come to us. Father has answered.

We asked for a home to be provided for us with three main concerns. First, we wanted a home that would be big enough that couples could come to us and stay in our home with us.  Secondly, we wanted enough property where we could potentially bring in horses to allow couples time alone to ride and enjoy one another.  Finally, we asked that it would be done for us freely, so that we didn’t have to raise further funds.  Without sharing our prayer requests and concerns with anyone other than Father, all three concerns have been alleviated, and our prayers have been answered.  December 20th we will be moving from our trailer in Indianapolis and into a home in the Russellville, KY area.

Our entire family is rejoicing over the desires of our hearts being granted, but also over the freedom to have the stability that our home needs without the constant strain of travel mixed in with it. We know that this will bring many blessings and challenges but ask that you join us in praying for the needs of the move, the needs of our financial situation in the home, and the blessing that this could be to us and to so many others that we are striving to help.

In addition to our prayers being answered about our home and the direction of our ministry, another prayer was answered.  Our suburban broke down with another $3,000 worth of repairs needed.  A wonderful couple we helped three years ago called and offered us their 2005 Dodge Caravan.  Before the day was over, my flight hadalso been covered.  I flew out the next week to Sacramento and drove the  van back home.  Our family is excited and enjoying the quieter ride of the van.  Praise God for, once again, taking care of our every need.

We will work to keep you posted on the costs of this transition and the changes along with it and will be sharing our ideas and plans as the Spirit gives us discernment to do so.  Thank you all for your continued support and prayers for our family and our work.  Praise Father for tremendous abundance after months of waring through this very challenging year.

With love in Christ,

Derek and Lisa Guyer and family

**This was an email that we recently sent out to many of our supporters.  If you did not receive this update and would like to be included in future updates, please leave a comment here or send us an email at **


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