Posted by: Mythicist Matt | April 25, 2011

Be Holy, Man of God (May 13-15)

We strive in this life to achieve. We run and strain for success, power, respect and all the accolades that accompany these “accomplishments.” Regrettably, the direct result of all this foolish and senseless behavior is a never-ending treadmill sprint to nowhere. We exhaust ourselves in this stationary cycle of pleasure and desire seeking. We work to satisfy our cravings for peace and contentment while ignoring the offer of Christ to fulfill those innate desires in us.

We are active in church, attend Sunday school and even give a portion of our hard earned money to support the latest cause. However, inevitably at some point we all ask ourselves the question. Why do I feel so empty? Life tastes so flat, what am I doing wrong? Something has to be missing.

We’re right, something is. We will never feel the peace and satisfaction that is offered us while we are stuck in the pounding cycle of life fueled by our own strength. Even when our motivations are pure, this system simply does not work. We want relief, relaxation, and an end to stress and anxiety. We want peace and joy.

To an extent, these are feelings we can get in the world of self-achievement, but they are always impermanent. When Jesus said, “I am the bread of life” (John 6:35) he was telling us, “that unsatisfied feeling you have, I understand, and I can fill that hole. I can satisfy you, I can fill you… permanently.”

He was relating to us at the core of who we are; in our desire to be satisfied. That desire in us is never completely satisfied apart from him. We can strive and strain, we can beg, borrow and steal, but we will never feel quenched until we take Jesus at his word. Are you ready to jump off the treadmill, and walk with God? Are you ready to flee from the sprint of life, and to rest in Him? He is standing at the door… waiting. Will you answer?

May 13-15, 2011 will be a weekend of challenge, study, fellowship, and learning how to leave the sprint of this life. Together, we’ll learn what it means to live the fulfilling life Jesus offered. We will learn to be holy, as He is holy.

For more information on the retreat or to submit your registration, see below to get more information on the event.

Dates: May 13-15, 2011

Where: Five Stones Camp in Reelsville, IN

Donation: Your donation of $150 per participant makes this retreat possible to you. This allows for your food, lodging, teachings, t-shirt, and event supplies. Limited scholarships are available for those financially incapable of attending the retreat.

Transportation: All participants must provide their own transportation to and from the retreat.

Check In: May 13th, 2011 from 3:30-5:30pm (Dinner will be provided)

Check Out: May 15th, 2011 at 11:30am (Breakfast will be provided)

Area Maps and Directions:

1. Take I-70 West out of Indy
2. Get off on Exit #37- Putnamville-  IN 243
3. At the end of the ramp turn left (south) on IN-243- go 0.9 miles
4. Turn right onto 1000 S- go 0.8 miles
5. Turn left onto 190- go 0.5 miles
6. Turn right onto 1050 S- go 0.8 miles
7. Turn left onto 300W- go 0.6 miles to the bend in the road. GO STRAIGHT onto the gravel drive.
8. Take the gravel drive through the camp 0.7 miles to Boulder Lodge on your right.

Sleeping Arrangements: Depending on how many are in attendance, we’ll be sleeping in the lodge and cabins. You will need a pillow, sleeping bag, and/or blankets. Beds and mattresses will be provided in the cabins. If you would like to be bunked with someone specifically or have a group coming that would like to be put together, please let us know this when you sign up. We’ll do our best to keep you together.

Audience: The content of this retreat is meant for mature audiences only. It is open only to men who have previously attended a Rise Up, Man of God retreat sponsored by Rise of the Home.

Registration: Fill out your Be Holy, Man of God registration form here! Don’t forget to come back and make your donation afterwards. Registration will be closed on May 8th, 2011 at midnight.

Cancellation Policy: All registration donations are completely non-refundable after May 8th, 2011 at midnight. Anyone who cancels a registration before May 8th, 2011 at midnight will receive a full refund of their money.

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