Posted by: Lisa Guyer | July 22, 2010

Welcome to Our Home on Wheels!

So many of you have asked repeatedly for pictures of our new travel trailer.  Others have just asked questions like “How do you cook a meal in there?”, “Do you have a bathroom?”, or “Where do you all sleep?”.  Well, we wanted to introduce you to our new home (on wheels).  Some of our friends call it “Reconciliation on Wheels”. But before we do that, we want to sincerely thank everyone who donated a little or a lot to help us purchase both the camper and our Suburban that we use to pull it.  It was an amazing chain of events that God worked out in order for us to find, purchase, and fix up the camper.  Praise Him for his faithfulness in it all and for the freedom it’s allowed us to travel full time meeting the needs to which we’ve been called.  Thank you again to all of you who gave money, time, or offered up prayers in our behalf for this purpose.

With that being said…Welcome to our home!!

This is looking in to the left as you enter the front door. We can all 5 sit comfortably at the table. It also folds down into a bed, but we are yet to use this for that. It also has a lot of storage underneath the far bench seat.

This is the first thing you see as you enter the front door. There is a ton of storage underneath the couch. It also folds down into a full-size bed. We don't use this bed often, but the kids do like to have "slumber parties" on it.

This is Derek and I's bedroom. It's a regular, queen-sized bed. Actually, its just as comfortable as any "regular" bed. Derek's closet is to the right. I also have a bookcase on my side in the bottom left corner to keep all of our homeschooling/bible stuff in addition to the nightstand you see at the top.

Yes! We can cook REAL meals in this. It has a small oven, but we haven't found anything that we've wanted to cook that hasn't fit. Also, stovetop and microwave. Lacks a little counterspace, but again, we've still been able to do everything that we need to. I'm also very blessed to have a full-sized fridge. (Most campers do not have this.)

Bathroom door is straight ahead. Kids' bunk beds are to the left. My closet that I share with the kids is to the right.

Full-size toilet! (Again, something that most travel trailers do not have.) And a semi-full size shower. We are yet to use the shower just because it is so small and have been fortunate enough to always be places that we have other shower access.

This is right across from the kids' bunk beds. Has the bathroom sink and a little bit of storage. Large closet is where we have my clothes and the kids' clothes. When the baby comes, we are hoping to build another storage cabinet possibly over this sink (as we usually just use kitchen sink) or in our bedroom for her clothes and other baby supplies.

These are the kids' beds. They love having bunk beds. Malachi and Caitlyn share the top bunk and Josiah has the bottom bunk to himself. Again, lots of storage underneath Josiah's bed.

This is Malachi's end. He loves his sports stickers.

This is Cait's end. She calls it her bedroom. 🙂 All dressed up, princess style.

The bottom bunk is Josiah's bed. He loves to look out the window when he's supposed to be sleeping...

This is looking back towards front door with the bathroom behind you. You can see our bedroom on the far end.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our tour!  🙂  We are very happy in our little home.  It saves me a LOT of time on cleaning and organizing.  I’ve even had a few moments where I’ve wondered what else I should be doing with my time since I’m not cleaning huge rooms or picking up lots of toys!  But I’ve quickly filled those moments with more time with my husband and kids.  I’m very thankful for this change of pace in our lives.

Again, we could not have made this into our home without the time, money, and prayers that so many of you gave to us unselfishly.  We are so very thankful, and we are ever grateful to God for allowing our family to serve Him in this capacity.


  1. I think it is just great what you guys are doing!!

  2. Thanks for sharing the photos. I love it!! Great to have a full-size fridge…like the bunks. I almost like it better than our trailer layout. 🙂

  3. I envy your clean home!!

  4. Haha. I do too, Christy! The pictures sure look nice don’t they? Just wish it looked clean like that more often. 🙂 Those were our “show home” pictures.

  5. You had to do the ultimate in de-cluttering! Way to go! Working on it myself right now – sort-of a pre back-to-school, adoption-nesting syndrome!

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