Posted by: senovia | June 23, 2010

My Purse, My Life

I (like most women my age) love my purse.  I carry it because I think it’s quite cute.  Though handed down from a friend fortunate enough to be able to afford designer handbags, I carry it like an extension of myself.  An appendage beautifully crafted of leather and satin finishes, with polished metals that make even zippers feel soft to the touch.

I start out with the basics inside, some makeup, a pen or two, some mints, and my wallet. Then before you know it, my cute little purse becomes hard to carry.  Full of bills I am hoping to pay, receipts from the grocery store, mail I haven’t yet opened, loose change I threw in, my chunky note pad full of scribblings and un marked phone numbers…..the list could go on forever.

Now cute little purse that made me feel so cute carrying it, makes me feel like I need help carrying it.  It is way to heavy, but I am afraid if I take some stuff out, I will end up needing whatever I dumped.  If I start to the door without it, I immediately make a quick u-turn to pick up my load and head out.

Looking at my big, heavy (yet still awesome) handbag, hanging next to the front door, God showed me how I was demonstrating my life.  I keep filling it with all the stuff that makes it too heavy for my little shoulders.  All the burdens, and worries.  Sure, I pray and ask God to take care of the worries.  My marriage, my kids misbehaving, my finances, my unemployment.  But no sooner than I open my eyes do I start to pick it all back up again.

Just like my purse, I am afraid to let all that junk go and just enjoy the essentials.  Why couldn’t I just get up in the morning and pick up what I needed to get through my day?  A little wisdom, some courage, some joy…and my daily bread?  Why do I wake up and pack up my prodigal husband, the sibling rivalry of my two oldest boys, those past due bills?

Today, God showed me how really cast my cares on Him.  I cleaned out my purse today, my life.  And, I am making a serious effort to remind myself, minute by minute if needed, that I don’t have to worry anymore.


  1. Wow, thanks Senovia for an incredible post!

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