Posted by: Sharon Hatfield | May 3, 2010

Sin With a Bow on Top

I came across this quote while reading a book my aunt sent me entitled The One You’ve Always Wanted is the One You Already Have by Paula Friedrichsen:
“Adultery, fornication, and divorce are served up weekly on TV, like arsenic wrapped in puff pastry, served on a sterling silver tray.”

How true is that? What should we be doing to counteract this problem in our own lives? Is avoidance of such shows best? T.V. all together? Or is teaching alone going to do the trick?

What do you think?


  1. I wholeheartedly agree. I heard a friend comment recently on this and say it’s a shame that we can find pleasure and enjoyment from the very things Jesus died to free us from.

    This has become a huge issue with many of the couples we’re helping. No matter how much influence, encouragement, and help the church or our work offers to help, people are being fed garbage through their t.v.’s and it’s having an affect on their minds, whether they realize it or not.

    I need to take a serious look at the time my own family spends watching t.v. as well.

  2. Mark has chosen to “downgrade” our satellite package and in general, we only watch show we have dvr’d. This is one way we have filtered media in our own home. He also chose to remove all video games and systems from our lives because it became unhealthy for our family.

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