Posted by: Derek Guyer | November 4, 2009

What a Weekend

img033#1I want to thank all of the men who joined us in Reelsville, IN for the Rise Up, Man of God men’s retreat. We had a great group of guys, from a total of six states, come in for the weekend. Many dedicated brothers and sisters of us had spent months praying for the retreat and its impact on those attending. I don’t think any of us ever imagined it going nearly as well as it did. God, through His Holy Spirit, did some amazing things in men’s hearts. To Him be the praise and glory forever.

In the meantime, the battle has been on. I watched a group of men walk into the retreat living like pretty good men, but walk back out men of God. Apparently, this has ticked off Satan. He’s viciously attacking with everything he has. But, I say with great joy, “We are not unaware of his schemes.” These men are overcoming and living in the freedom for which He set them free. Here is some of the feedback we’ve been receiving:

“I’m happy to tell you I’m on fire and still burning like never before for Jesus.”

-Bill of IN

“Gospel 101. Things you skimmed over that are utterly life changing truths.”

-Paul of MI

“I am changing my life in every way I can to glorify God…that is the best weekend I’ve ever had.”

-Brian of KY

I saw tremendous shifts in men’s thoughts and some amazing life changes. Lies of the evil one are still being revealed. I keep getting these amazing calls, text messages, and emails from guys whose lives have been transformed, but who Satan is attacking like crazy. The most exciting part is watching the joy and purpose with which they’re living and fighting. I’m watching real men of God rise up and fight with the strength they’ve been given. Praise God!

I’d like to personally thank everyone who pitched in to make the weekend such a success. It was His work, but watching God’s people step up and make this happen was a big encouragement to me.

There were several instrumental players in all of it, but three in particular worked diligently to make it what it was. Two people offered more scholarships than I ever could have imagined. Half of those attending the retreat receivedimg034#1 scholarships to attend. Those scholarships played a tremendous role in getting men to the retreat, and I praise God for them. I’d like to thank them publicly and share what they did, but they’ve asked to remain anonymous, to the glory of God. Thanks for your service and heart for God.

I’d also like to thank Dan Malear for an incredible weekend of teachings. Working hand in hand with him to help equip men of God was a pleasure and a privilege. I’ve been blessed to work with Dan several times in ministering to needs within the body where he serves as an shepherd and learned so much from the experiences. His love for the people of God is evident to all and his teachings reflect the glory of the Father. Thanks, Dan, for a great weekend.

To all who missed out on the opportunity to join us, I’m sorry. I hate that you missed out on the fellowship, the challenge, and the nearness of God we all experienced. But, gentlemen, get ready. It’s coming again. We’re already working on the next retreat and anxiously await the opportunity to serve God’s people further.


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