Posted by: Lisa Guyer | September 12, 2009

At What Cost?

Yesterday, my brother-in-law and his family left to go to Ethiopia to bring home their new son, Solomon.  They have been working towards adopting him for about a year now.  I am so excited for them, and I can’t wait to meet my newest nephew.  However, thinking of their travels to get their new son makes me think back to the time that Derek and I were preparing to adopt our twin boys.  We were pretty far along in the process when I made the choice that I did to have an affair.  We had pictures of the boys, names picked out, and most of our paperwork and homestudy completed.  Even their cribs were put together!  In probably just a matter of a few months, I would have been traveling overseas to bring my babies home as well.

So what was I thinking when I decided to get involved with another man?  Honestly, I wasn’t.  I wasn’t thinking about the cost that my actions might have.  When Eve took the apple from Satan she wasn’t thinking about the cost—only the allure.  And when she did stop to think about the cost (for that split second) Satan quickly assured her that her actions were free of consequences.  Or that they would at least be much less than what God had threatened them with.

When Satan puts ideas like having an affair, or looking at pornography, or texting with an old boyfriend into our minds, he doesn’t list out all of the pros and cons so that we can make a wise choice.  He is the master of deception.  He knows how to twist the truth and make us believe that consequences will not come.

So, to those of you currently in an affair, at what cost are you enjoying yourself?  What are you truly giving up?  For me, I gave up two beautiful twin boys, not to mention my first home, my job, my dreams, and my husband’s and family’s trust and respect to only name a few things.  5 years later, I am still reaping the consequences of my actions.  Think about what Satan is taking from you.  Is it worth it?  Will you really look back and say, “Yes, I am glad that I gave all of that up for this momentary pleasure.”  If you say yes, by staying in your affair, then you are in a scary place, my friend.  Scary, because you are giving up many physical blessing but also you are giving up your salvation in Christ.  That’s an awfully high price to pay for a “change of scenery” (or whatever other lie Satan is telling you in order to talk you into it).

Somewhere, there are two little boys who just celebrated their 6th birthday.  I pray that God found them a loving and godly home.  I imagine them playing together, riding their bikes up and down the sidewalk.  I was going to be their mom.  But Satan lied to me and told me that it wasn’t worth it.


  1. Enjoyed the post. Thank you for your work in the ministry with your husband. This is powerful testimony that speaks volumes. Hopefully this will put an end to many affairs and protect other homes from digressing into an affair.

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