Posted by: Derek Guyer | June 19, 2009

Learning to Obey

Sometimes our greatest challenge in marriage is doing the very thing or things we know we should already be doing. We know the truth about little things our spouse needs and specifics that God expects from us, but we’re so busy taking care of ourselves that we don’t take the time to put into practice what we already know to be true. In my teachings, I often suggest that we would do well to stop studying our Bibles and to just begin obeying the truths we already know. This is just as much true for me as it is for most of you out there.

Imagine if you just began ‘doing’. Imagine how your wife might feel if you turned off the tv and stopped to touch her and show her simple attention. Imagine if in the midst of a frustrating moment where your husband had let you down, that you told him all of the things you really respected about him and took time to build him up instead of belittling him. What if you pursued godliness and represented Jesus on the front lines…at home? Huge things could happen if each one of us would simply obey.

I want to challenge you to just begin simply doing the things you already know:

  • Love your wife…send her a card through the mail or buy her a single flower.
  • Indulge your husband…give him an incredible night of sex.
  • Serve your wife…stop and do the dishes before cleaning the bathroom today.
  • Encourage your husband…tell him when you see the man of God in him.
  • Represent Christ…as you have been forgiven, forgive. As you’ve been shown mercy, be merciful.
  • Ask for help…pray, pray, and then pray some more for your spouse and yourself. 

These were just 7 practical ways in which we can obey commands in scripture and serve our spouse at the same time. So, go do as Jesus said:

“If you love me, you will obey what I command.”

John 14:15 NIV


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