Posted by: Derek Guyer | January 28, 2009

Heroes of the Faith

I’ve had the disctinct honor of meeting and getting to know some incredible heroes of the faith over the last several months. These faithful individuals have done some inspiring things over the last year. Simply put, they’ve proven their faith by their deeds when it seemed most impossible. They’ve acheived things most men could only read of in story books or in the Bible itself. To the glory of God, I’m honored to call them now, not just acquaintances, but close friends and part of my family through the LORD Jesus Christ.

The honor has been mine in so many ways and I praise God, His Son, and the Spirit for counting me worthy of witnessing their “walking on the water” moments of faith. I’ve been deeply encouraged and made stronger because of them and wish you could all see and hear everything I see and hear on a daily basis. It is truly an awesome thing to behold.

These brothers and sisters are not heroes of the faith because of miracles they’ve done, but because of battles they have fought. They aren’t heroes because they have money, respect from men, or even comfortable lives in the slightest. They’ve become heroes of the faith because of their sacrifices. They’ve become heroes because they’ve fought in battles most men would never fight. They’ve given of themselves in ways that most people today would never even consider.  They’ve given of themselves in ways most of us could never imagine, and God has given me the distinct honor to sit front row as His love, kindness, mercy, and grace go on display in these righteous men & women. 

Because of this honor, I feel compelled to report what I’m so prvileged to witness. Like a reporter or New Testament writer, I feel I must tell the stories of these men and women, as they approve me doing so, to the glory of God. I can no longer watch and keep quiet. What’s happening in the battles of the Heavens through men and women here on Earth must be told.

Why? Because these amazing acts of selflessness and righteouness are not seen very often today. We live in a world of self-preservation where God has no place as Lord and Savior. How can He save us when we’re “saving” ourselves? He can’t. That’s why we must let go, and these dear saints are doing so, to the glory of God.

I pray you’ll join me over the coming weeks and months in a celebration of the incredible revolution God is raising up in homes all across the country through men and women of faith. I hope to have posted later today or tomorrow, the first of these incredible stories and look forward to hearing your praises, prayers, and fights for the faith as well.

Whether you know it or not, we’re in a revolution for the home. God is doing a mighty work, and his people are giving him praise as they obey all that he’s commanded when it seems most impossible. To Him alone be the praise.


  1. Those born of God — that is, born again — ARE superheroes.

    Take a lookit “The Incredibles,” the movie.

    Doesn’t it match the plight of those who are born again who are trying to do the work of God as fellow “labourers” with Him in the world [1 Cor 3:9]? Aren’t “they” trying to sequester Christians cuz-a what they think is the “damage” caused by them?

    God calls on us to be SUPERHEROES for Him. Get your superhero suit [Ephesians 6] on and get to work!

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