Posted by: Derek Guyer | January 20, 2009

Rise of the Home Update & Prayer Request

Lisa and I don’t stop very often any more to update on what’s happening with our family or our work. But, we would love to share the praises we have to offer,  an update about everything we’re doing, and as well the numerous requests for prayer we have at this point:

  • Our family is growing and beautiful. Lisa is an amazing wife and mother to our family. Her strength in taking care of so many different aspects of our home is a real pleasure to watch. She truly is a virtuous woman. The kids are growing leaps and bounds. Malachi is really beginning to latch onto the lessons we’re teaching him from the Bible about his attitude, obedience, and love, as he grows tall and lanky. Caitlyn is a spitfire, but adorable all at once. We realize every day how much of a challenge she is, but praise God for her all the same, especially when she’s in her cuddling moods. Josiah is a great baby and a real kids1blessing. He’s begun laughing and cooing quite a bit more these days as we hold his brother and sister off of him. At almost three and one and a half, they have no understanding of comfort zone and therefore are constantly invading his. He’s adjusting and learning that this won’t go away any time soon. My work is increasing steadily, and God is blessing all of it. We’ve been praying constantly for my part time job at night, that I have for the insurance benefits, to be removed as our income from Rise of the Home goes up. God has seemed to be moving us in that direction. We’re receiving more steady donations and support and praise God for it.
  • Lisa and I would love to praise God for all of the work He’s allowing us to do. We’ve been privy to some amazing people and situations and feel blessed to be used in their marriages and homes. I know we both feel very humbled to be involved in all of this.
  • We’ve been working with a man out of Michigan named Stephen who could use all of our prayers. He has become a great example to those who know him of unconditional love as he’s fighting for his cheating wife. As she continues to cheat and talk to the man, Stephen continues to fight for her soul. Our primary concern is her relationship with God. She has abandoned God and her lifestyle speaks volumes about it. Please pray for her heart and Stephen’s ability to let the light of Christ shine through him while he’s hurting on a very personal and intimate level.
  • I’d also like for you to be praying for Bill & Stephanie. They’ve overcome an awful lot in a short amount of time, but Satan is working on them hard. Please pray for their peace at heart and mind as they search God to understand where to go next as they’re striving and fighting to build a godly home. Please lift them up in prayer as they’re new believers and need a lot of encouragement to remain faithful as they learn to forgive and trust.
  • We’re in the process of starting local monthly or bi-weekly seminars. Our purpose will be to help local couples establish better communication, trust, and understanding of their individual and collective purposes in their marriages, as Christ teaches. This has been on our hearts for quite a while now and the need grows daily for us to make this happen. Please pray for God to bless our work here and help those who we know can and will benefit from all of it.
  • We’d also appreciate your prayers for Senovia. She has committed to reamining faithful to her husband through some pretty horrific situations, and Satan is doing everything possible to destroy her. Her faithfulness has been incredible to watch and listen to from the outside in, and we are asking for his blessing, favor, and mercy on her as she suffers for the sake of righteousness. Please join us in lifting up a true woman of God.
  • We have many more couples who are struggling through many different trials of unfaithfulness, forgiveness and healing that we can not mention right now. But, we ask that you lift all of them up as well.
  • I had a great opportunity to help with a large network of churches in Kenya over the last several weeks by writing a three page article entitled “The Way: Godly Roles for the Home”. In it, I’ve emphasized Godly roles, love, and respect in their homes. The elders of some 100+ churches will be meeting over the next two weeks to receive encouragement and training from a close brother of mine.  He will be giving my article to the leaders for them to take back to their respective church bodies. Homes are falling apart in Kenya, and the need for them to be strong is greater than ever. Please lift up these couples in prayer and ask that this article will not only help in the healing process needed all over the world but help to bring homes back to Christ’s way of living within the home. To God be the glory! (If any of you would like to receive an emailed copy of the article, feel free to email me at derekguyer @ gmail . com)

Mercy and grace to all who are supporting and encouraging our work and labor for the Lord. Your prayers, support, and encouragement mean more than words could ever express. You are a true blessing!



  1. Derek and Lisa,

    May God continue to bless your home as He has ours.
    Thank you both for being a pivotal part of our healing process, and for the selfless work that you do.

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