Posted by: Derek Guyer | January 6, 2009

ROTH Challenge #8

“Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

James 4:7 NIV

Submit to God, huh? Submission isn’t something we talk about much these days. Why? Because it seems mean or unfair. It seems like the one submitting is being forced to do something against his/her own will. It just doesn’t fit in a me-first society.

But, submission to God isn’t something He forces us to do. He doesn’t force anything. Rather, he offers us life and gives us the choice. We can let go of our own desires and submit to Him or continue serving Satan. We can’t serve two masters. It’s impossible to do so without divided allegiance. The good news is, if we submit to God, we naturally resist the devil and overcome.

So, what are you serving? Who are you serving? Are you intent on serving yourself, or are you submitting to God in everything?

To test this, ask yourself how you respond when your husband is abusive or neglectful and leaves you in an awkward position. Or, think about how you act when someone tries to correct you. Are you defensive or accepting? When you know you’ve made a mistake and things get uncomfortable, do you just lie to cover it up, or do you tell the truth to get it out on the table?

All of these things are very clearly outlined in scripture and very important for us to understand. They’re all part of the will of God. So, do you submit to God, or do you submit to the Father of lies?

This is your challenge: Submit. Let go of sin and resist the devil, and he will leave you.


  1. What’s glorious about that is that God actually changes our heart’s desire so that our submission to Him is good, joyful, and voluntary (Ps 37:4, Ez 11:19-20). God is good, and so is submitting to His will!


  2. I think when we think of submission – we think abuse always – but God is perfect – he can’t abuse or take advantage of our submission.

    The other day I had a conversation with my mother. She made the comment that I was allowing myself to be a doormat… – HA! I quickly advised her that being a doormat was a FEELING -If I allowed myself to FEEL that way – then I was allowing myself to BE – but when I submit out of joy and love – HOW could I possible be a doormat? –

    I personally think the most important part of following Jesus is humbling yourself enough to submit in all circumstances to our Father – everything else falls into place.

    This is what God and I have been working on for a few years now… still working…

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