Posted by: Derek Guyer | December 22, 2008

ROTH Challenge #6

We live in a world where a person’s word means very little. In fact, many times it means absolutley nothing at all. Parents don’t trust their children after repeated broken promises. Husbands and wives don’t trust each other, because they lie to cover up affairs, drug and alcohol abuse, purchases that would upset their spouse, etc. In a world where a person’s word could mean an awful lot, trustworthy people are hard to find.

I think the same was true of Jesus’ day and age. People were swearing by this or that to vouch for anything they said or did. Their word, like so many today, held no weight, and Jesus addressed how it should be handled:

“Simply let your ‘yes’ be ‘yes,’ and your ‘no,’ ‘no’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one.”

Matthew 5:37 NIV

Jesus knew our word spoke volumes about an individual’s character. He knew straying from this simple truth could mar a Christians reputation and, as a result, Jesus’ reputation as well. Being honest and following through with commitments made spoke clearly about Jesus and his disciples.

As a disciple and follower of Jesus Christ, your word and your actions are priceless. What you say and do speak to whether you serve Almighty God or the “evil one”.

So, are you careful about your commitments? When you commit to something verbally, do people expect you to follow through with it? Do you tell what feel like very innocent “white lies” when you feel pinned in a corner?

Think about your words. Think about your actions and your commitments. Then be serious about shining the light of Christ through your own efforts to be honest and committed.

If and when you get a chance, please tell us how simply applying the word is affecting you daily. We’ve been excited to see some great transformations through the word and want to hear about yours as well.

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