Posted by: Derek Guyer | November 26, 2008

Thank God

Lisa and I would like to thank God for all of the blessings we’ve received over the last year. We’ve been blessed far beyond anything we deserve and owe more than we could ever repay to Him today.

We frequently talk about how amazing it is to see God using our worst moments as a couple and as human beings on this earth for His own glory. To think he’d use such horrific moments from our past is beyond us. We thank Him, for His ways are higher than our ways!

He’s taken our once broken & battered marriage and used it to help men and women in struggling marriages all across the world for His own glory. We’ve been blessed to serve the poor in spirit, those who are mourning, the meek and gentle, and the ones who hunger and thirst for righteousness. By the grace of God, we’ve been given the chance to show all of them the Kingdom of God, provide them with comfort as He’s worked through us, and watch God begin to bless their relationship once again as they begin to live holy and godly lives before Him. We are so blessed! Thank you, God!

We’ve been humbled as we watched people, who had very little, give to our family so that we could continue serving so many hurting people. We’ve been blessed with prayers, emails, phone calls, words of encouragement, visits, and love beyond what we ever imagined. All of this as we’ve taken up the call to minister to the broken homes God’s placed in our care. Thank God!

We thank God for the rise of so many homes in the last year as we’ve begun this fight. We thank God that none of them had anything to do with us, but that the light of Christ has finally broken through the darkness and begun to change hearts and homes for his glory through us and so many others.

We thank God for taking our dreams of helping others and turning it into an incredible journey where He is receiving the glory for all of it. 

We thank God for our wonderful marriage. Lisa is a respectful and submissive wife and, as such, challenges me to love her like Christ loved the church. I’m thankful to have her raising our children together with me as she’s become an amazing mother and does a phenomenal job with all three of our kids! We thank God for Malachi, Caitlyn, and Josiah as well. They are an incredible blessing to our lives and our understanding of our own relationship with God the Father.

We thank God for all of you and your support! We love to be a part of this with you! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families!


  1. We thank God for you and Lisa too and all that you have done to show people how to work through difficulty through faith and trust and commitment. We love you.

  2. God is doing an amazing thing in all of our lives. Derek and Lisa, your commitment to this journey is something to be commended. You give of yourselves day and night, you are friends no matter the hour or the need. You encourage me, you walk with me, you remind me that He will never leave me. The most important gift you give, is yourself. To know that you have been through the fire, and now you are reaching back to help us through is amazing. I love the two of you beyond measure, and I thank God for working through you.

  3. God, I thank you for not abandoning me when I fail.. instead you pick me up and place me back on my feet. I thank you for being there whenever I need you, I know that I can trust your promises to me and I know that you will never lie to me or decieve me. I never thanked you when you gave me my children but I will thank you for them everyday from now on. Take them and use them for your glory, you gave them to me and I give them back to you. I thank you for my husband and I trust that whatever plans you have for his life will result in your glory also.

    I thank you for all the gifts you have given me and I pray you will continue to teach me and guide me until I resemble your son, Jesus in whom you are well pleased.

    I will praise your name forever.

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