Posted by: Lisa Guyer | November 13, 2008

Prayer Request for a Sister

Recently, one of the women that we have blessed to be ministering to has been going through very rough times.  We have been praying for her constantly, and we, ourselves, are hurting immensely for her and her situation.  We asked her if she minded if we told a little bit of her story on here so that we could ask all of you to be praying for her and for her decisions right now.  She quickly agreed and was thrilled to have the prayers of other believers going up on her behalf.

So, let me introduce you to Senovia. She is a woman who is fully devoted to following God’s will for her life.  She is currently in a marriage that is abusive and struggling to stay alive.  She and her husband are separated.  He has confessed an affair to her and has said repeatedly that he wants to leave her and their 2 children.  She has worked harder than any other wife I have met to reconcile this marriage.  She has endured and persevered when many others would have just given up and walked away.  She has also just recently found out that she is expecting their third child. Obviously this has complicated things and the details can be overwhelming.

However, throughout this entire situation, she has remained completely Job-like. She has many times emailed us and asked why God was putting her through this pain.  Why were her children being asked to endure such rejection?  She asked the questions that we all would ask.  However, the difference in Senovia is that at the slightest reminder of God’s love for her, she will change her attitude and put her confidence back in the Lord.  She knows that no matter what she is going through here on earth, God is sheltering her in His wings.  She is living out James 1 where it talks about counting your trials as joy, because those trials are what mold us into the Christ-like people that God desires.

As Paul commended people such as Timothy and Silas to the first-century churches, we commend to you Senovia.  She is a woman who desires nothing more than to listen for and obey God’s will no matter how hard that may be for herself.  Senovia has some very tough decisons facing her right now.  She is seeking God’s will in all of them.  We ask you to stop right now and pray for her and her children and the decisions she is making for her family.  Please also pray for her husband’s heart to be turned back to God.

Feel free to leave any encouragement, prayers, or scriptures below for her to read.  Surround her with the love that we, as a family of Christ’s, all share.

Senovia, we love you and respect you.  You are truly a godly woman.  Persevere and find your solace in Christ alone.


  1. Praying for you, Senovia! Your humble and loving example may be what your husband needs to turn his heart back to the Lord.

    I want to excerpt from a testimonial that was shared in one of my Yahoo groups this morning. Maybe it will be an encouragement to you:

    “Years ago, I was working a “real job” outside the home. My dh and I had planned that it would be temporary until he was making more money to bring me home. Though I desperately wanted to be home with my dd, I ended up working there for three years. Customer service is a tough job listening to complaints all day, but a lady hired with other reps at the time, was extremely ambitious. She had a master’s degree and had her eye on the big boss’s job.

    I usually get along with most everyone, but she took an instant dislike to me for some reason. She began making things up about me and posting them in my files. She talked about my “incompetence” to all who would listen and
    eventually got most of the office to believe I was not fit to do my job and that I was plotting to make her look bad so that I would be promoted ahead of her and all who were hired with me.

    The entire matter came to a head one day when I asked her what was wrong. I had heard her son had been ill. She went “Postal”, stood up from her desk and as loud as she could muster, regaled the entire office building with her ideas of my character, abilities …and lineage. Believing that God would bring me through if I acted in a Christian manner, I did not retaliate. All but two or three employees believed her until she had a nervous breakdown several years later. At that time my manager called me into her cubicle to
    apologize for her role and for not believing me. She asked why I never called her names or showed any hatred of her as she felt I was justified. I told her that despite the three years of working under these conditions, I did not regret treating her with respect and dignity as I was a Christian. She told me that she hadn’t been to church in years but that she was thinking about her faith anew after talking with me.

    If I had to walk through the fire for three years so that one soul could find her way back to the Lord, it was worth it!

    You never know why you are asked to go through the things you are. God has a plan. Just pray over each decision and allow God to work out the details.”


    “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” (Romans 15:13)

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