Posted by: Derek Guyer | November 5, 2008

Gay Marriage Ban

Lisa and I are really excited to see the gay marriage ban, Proposition 8, has passed in California. As well, both Arizona and Florida passed bans on gay marriage yesterday. These are significant victories for “what God has brought together” and the sanctity of heterosexual marriage, as He instituted it.  While this isn’t the end of this battle, each of these victories are important.

But know this; Satan will not rest. Civil unions aren’t good enough for him. He wants to destroy what God has made. He wants men to believe marriage is a civil right. He’s turning something sacred into a civil liberty. Marriage is not a civil liberty. It’s designer and maker is God, and it must be held in the highest regard. 

Praise God for the victory in all three states! Praise God for the sanctity of marriage being remembered! Praise God!


  1. I was more interested in seeing Prop 8 passed than I was in the presidential election.

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