Posted by: Derek Guyer | October 24, 2008

Seasons of Marriage

A lot of couples are calling it quits these days. Divorce rates are through the roof, and the excuses are countless. Husbands and wives are calling it quits for any number of things:

  • cheating 
  • poor communication
  • abuse on an emotional, physical, verbal, or sexual level
  • neglect sexually or emotionally
  • financial stress
  • unrealistic expectations of yourself or your spouse
  • your spouse has no respect for you or anyone else
  • and on and on…

Unfortunately, people have lost sight of the necessity for strong marriages and homes. Divorces are as simple as a Divorce Kit and $39.95. What better way to end your miserable marriage than with a “Quick Divorce Kit”, right? Go get yourself a cheap end to the misery and a six pack. No worries.

Do not miss the next sentence. God wants you to stay committed to your spouse. He never intended for men and women to abandon their posts in the home. Divorce is constantly used in a terrible way that absolutely dishonors the God we serve.  Jesus said, “What God has joined together, let man not separate” (Mt. 19:6). 

I want to encourage you to recognize that every marriage goes through seasons. There are ups and downs. I guarantee it. Will the down times outweigh the ups? It depends on where you’ve placed your hope and trust. The downs can seem like nothing at all, if your hope is in Christ. The ups can never seem long enough, if your hope is in this world. 

You have to choose whether you’re going to let your “yes be yes” and your “no be no”, as Jesus said in Matthew 5. If you committed to loving your spouse until “death do us part”, then stop adding escape clauses to the original agreement. Stop looking for an out and work through the hard times. I guarantee there is hope, in Christ alone. Persevere.

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