Posted by: Lisa Guyer | October 16, 2008

Financial Struggles and Blessings

Derek and I have been talking a lot recently about the economic trouble that our nation (and world) is facing.  We have heard many stories of families that have just fallen apart because their hope is in their earthly, material things.  When those material things get taken away, either by foreclosure or another way, they see no other hope for living.  No wonder marriages are falling apart as well.  Financial difficulties is usually the leading cause for divorce today.  People just aren’t content with what they have been blessed with outside of their material blessings.  If you are struggling to get along with your spouse because of hard financial struggles, try looking around you and find the non-material blessings that you can both be thankful for together.  Here’s a small example of how Derek and I did this just recently:

“Last night, Derek and I decided to have a “Family Night”.  So, when it was bed time, we let the kids sleep with us in our bed.  They loved it!  There was lots of talking and squirming for a very long time.  But it was so nice to cuddle with my most precious blessings. After a little while, Daddy fell asleep.  (Poor guy works all hours of the day and night, so we just let him sleep).  The next one to go was Sis.  She was playing with my hair and then finally fell asleep with my hair wrapped around her chubby little fingers.  Next, was Bub.  He giggled with me for a while but then slowly let more and more time lapse in between laughs.  Then it was silent, except for the sleepy breathing of my dear family.  It was the best sound ever.  I began thinking that it would be so nice if this were my own little “Blessing Island” that I was stranded on.

It would be so nice if we never had to get up out of bed again and could just stay together and laugh, play, and sleep together.  But I know God has plans for us to do certain work here on earth.  So I’m happy to be busy working for Him.  But I have to praise Him for nights like last night.  For chubby little fingers in my hair.  For tiny knobby knees in my back.  For squishy little arms wrapped around my neck.  For my beautiful children and my absolutely amazing husband.  With tears in my eyes I say, Thank you, Lord.”


  1. That sounds divine. Do you have a king size bed? We actually don’t have room for all of our kids in our bed anymore (queen size bed, 4 kids), but I think that’s a blessing of it’s own. We do go camping sometimes and everyone in one tent feels like a “blessing island” like you have called it. I have been following your story from a quiet distance and just want to tell you how encouraging you are to so many. Every home takes hits, whether they are big or small, and it’s so nice to see people dealing honestly and positively with situations…as GOD would have them to. May your home continue to be blessed as you bless others and the Lord!

  2. That is so awesome! My hubby and I work as pastors but also do missionary work. When we see the need elsewhere, we are constantly reminded of blessed we are!
    Even when I’m running around the house I thank God for safety, I thank for the conveniences in this nation (water, electricity, shelter). Pray for those in need and see God provides for your family also!

  3. I love this! Thank you for sharing. It sure reminds us to slooooow down and enjoy what God has given us – Our Family. How precious, how wonderful! And He created it to be!


  4. How wonderful you were all able to do this. Sometimes we dress the girls up and let them wear makeup and everything and put on a dance, and set out party snacks the memories I will forever hold close to my heart!

    I wanted to add too, that since I have begun working opposite of my husband its been a struggle, I am yearning for the time with him! I miss him so.

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