Posted by: Derek Guyer | September 28, 2008

Anniversary Praise

We have a close couple, whom Lisa and I have grown to love and deeply appreciate, who are celebrating their anniversary today. They have gone through some very difficult times and have overcome in Christ-like fashion. They have since become regular contributors, supporters, and encouragers of what we’re doing, and we’re very thankful for it all.

Praise God for His healing in their marriage, His perfection in the timing of how it happened, and His love that allowed it to happen. His sovereignty  and providence are amazing!

Congratulations to Jason and Monica! To God be the glory as the revolution of Christ in the home continues to build!


  1. Yes, Praise God! And thank you Derek and Lisa for your encouragement and your faithfulness. We value your friendship very much! We spent our 17th wedding anniversary, (which we are now calling our 1st), doing what we enjoy most; JUST BEING TOGETHER!! We attended church with our children, encouraged married couples to attend a Weekend to Remember marriage conference thru Family Life, shopped together, ate together and saw the movie “Fireproof” together. We highly recommend that you hurry out to see this incredible movie…can’t say enough good things and don’t want to give away any good parts, but it is FABULOUS! May God Bless each and every marriage!

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