Posted by: Derek Guyer | September 11, 2008

I Wept

Today, I listened to a close brother in Christ, and friend, as he shared another devastating confession of further unfaithfulness from his wife. The roller coaster of their marriage and their lives is absolutely overwhelming for anyone “in the know”. I can only imagine how the two of them feel right now as the rains are pouring down.

In the past, I’ve asked God for forgiveness, healing, trust, repentance, and so much more on their behalf. But today, I’ve had no idea what to say. I’ve tried to pray, but were are no words to describe any of it. For a man of many words, this is a tough revelation for me. So today, I wept for my friend. I wept for his broken heart. I wept for his grief. I wept for his wife’s brokenness. I wept for it all.

Even when the rain falls 
Even when the flood starts rising 
Even when the storm comes 
I am washed by the water…

Even if the Earth crumbles under my feet 
Even if the ones I love turn around and crucify me 
I won’t never ever let you down

Washed by the Water from Needtobreathe


  1. Man, I just feel compelled to say that I am SO praying for the two of you.

    To the wife: you have to come totally clean if you haven’t already. Complete honesty is so vital right now!
    You’re man has to know without a shadow of a doubt that there is nothing else to come between the two of you and healing.
    My wife has assured me, (because I have asked her more than once), that there is nothing more to confess. I believe her.
    If she were to come to me tomorrow and say that there was one more thing, I don’t know what I would do.
    It would be like taking a knife again to a wound that was trying to heal and laying it wide open.

    If you are truly repentant, then you will do whatever it takes with no questions asked to help your husband get through this horrible time.
    I will pray for you.

    To the husband: hang in there brother!
    Tell yourself over and over again, that divorce is not an option!! God wants so badly for you to find forgiveness in your heart. You CAN do this, but not without Him. Your marriage can be stronger than it ever was!

    Please don’t be just another statistic.

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