Posted by: Lisa Guyer | June 30, 2008

Joyful: Being the Woman He Desires

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about how I had been having a hard time being joyful.  I had been down for a while, just overwhelmed with daily living and not taking in the blessings that God had given me.  I wanted to share with you the story of Hannah and how she helped me to see where I had gone wrong.

Many of us know the story of Hannah as a story of infertility and God answering prayers.  We respect her as a woman who keeps her word by giving her son to the Lord as soon as he was weaned.  However, I would like to suggest that Hannah was also a powerful example of a very joyful woman.

As a short recap to the story in 1 Samuel 1, Hannah is one of two wives to Elkanah.  She was unable to have children.  However, Elkanah’s other wife was able to bear children.  So she mocked and teased Hannah about this until she pushed Hannah to tears.  Hannah became so consumed with the thought of having children that she refused to eat.  The Bible says she “was in deep anguish, crying bitterly”.  Not very joyful, you say?  I would have to agree.  This sounds like me many days.   Becoming consumed with things I can’t fix and letting them depress me.  But watch how Hannah handled this….

Hannah decides to get up and do something about her problem. She physically can’t change her problem herself.  Much like many of our problems.  They are things that are out of our physical control.  So, she takes it to the Lord.  She gets on her knees at the temple and prays fervently for the Lord to give her a child.  When she is finished with her prayer she gets up, still in a very downcast mood, still moping about her plight in life and still refusing to eat…

Right?  NO!!  1 Samuel 1:18 says that she “ate and her countenance was no more sad.”  That struck me when I read it.  Had she been given a son yet?  No. Was Peninnah still going to mock her?  Probably.  Did God solve all of her problems right then and there? No.  But she still got up with a changed attitude.

This, ladies, is an excellent example of being joyful. 

Earlier this week I saw a sign outside of a church that read, “Happiness comes from happenings, but joy comes from Jesus.”  How true is that?  If you want to be happy for a little while, then eat some chocolate or go for a swim.  But if you want to be truly joyful in your whole life, then find Jesus. 

Many of us are looking to physical happenings to make us joyful.  If our husbands would talk to us or treat us a certain way, we might just smile for a minute.  If our kids would just behave correctly most of the time, we could be happy.  If the bills were paid on time, we would have a reason to smile.  Are all of these things going to happen all of the time?  Not likely!  So how do we respond when they don’t?  We must be joyful.

Hannah’s problems weren’t solved in a day.  Neither will ours.  However, Hannah placed her trust in the Lord and that made it okay.  She realized that when she left her concerns and troubles at the feet of the Lord, she didn’t have to worry over them for one more minute.  She didn’t know if God would give her a son, but she did know that God was in control.

Are you hurting because your husband doesn’t seem to care or notice the little things you do?  Are you depressed because it seems like you are constantly getting further and further behind on payments?  Are you, like Hannah, deeply hurt by the fact that you aren’t able to have children?  Bring it to the Great Comforter.  Learn to trust him with every problem and every blessing.  After that, no matter if your dreams come true or if your problems remain and even get worse, it won’t matter.  Because you will know that the Lord of all the universe is in control and that you can be joyful.

Remember: Your husband will be drawn to a joyful woman naturally.  You MUST decide that you will be that woman.


I firmly believe that being truly joyful begins and ends with a relationship with God.  However, I also think that God has given us practical, everyday things that we can do to help ourselves get passed all the negativity.  I have a list of some of these tips that I plan to share with you, but I’d also like to hear some of the things that you do to help you get out of a slump and back into being joyful.  If you have some ideas, leave a comment and share them with everyone here. I will add them to my list and share them all with everyone.


  1. Lisa:

    I don’t have much to contribute but when joy is missing, so is thankfulness.

    If we are ungrateful, there can be no joy. When I realize this in my own life or my children’s…we stop and confess ungratefulness, think about things we can be thankful for in the situation even if they seem small or remote and begin giving thanks to the Lord and to the other people involved.

    Its a beginning.

  2. Amen!! I agree with you 100%. If we don’t even appreciate the gifts and blessing surrounding us, then we will never be joyful.

    Praise God for the little things in your life!

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