Posted by: Derek Guyer | June 26, 2008

Battle for Men

I watched a great show recently on Animal Planet called the “Heart of a Lioness“. I really dig good shows about animals, but this one in particular was intriguing to me. This story was about a wild lion, named Kamunyak, who is found attempting to mother a baby oryx antelope.

“On this Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom special, an inversion of nature baffles the scientific world when a young lioness in Samburu Reserve, Kenya, sets aside her predatory instincts to adopt a baby oryx antelope. She mothers it with infinite tenderness for 16 days, foregoing her most basic needs and proving to be both a compassionate and wise protector.” (Taken directly from Animal Planet’s Fansite in their about section on the show)

It was incredible to watch this lion tenderly caring for what would normally be her dinner. The scientists kept talking about how opposite it was of anything they had ever seen before. It was as if she was completely confused.

As the show progressed, watchers learned about a problem happening in Africa. See, in lion prides, there is a social structure that helps keep balance as young lions learn to hunt, nurture, grow, and work within their community. The problem is that as they survive in the wild, they frequently come in contact with humans and will attack a villager’s cattle or goats. When this happens, the villagers will hunt them down and kill the predator. If and when that predator is the leader of the pride, the entire social structure of the pride breaks down. Their leader is missing, and so is their direction.

They explained how the remaining lions in the pride are then left in a very difficult position. They now have to fend for themselves. The older lions fight back and forth trying to establish control. In the meantime, the young lose their training and their instincts are never honed. The pride loses its cohesiveness quickly.

That sounds like men in the home to me. Satan has prowled around “like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour” and has been taking out men like crazy. I can’t tell you how many men I know who have turned to affairs with other women, pornography, and even just their work. They have become addicted to pornography, alcohol, drugs, etc. They’ll spend an hour watching TV, but rarely take 5 minutes to throw ball with their boys or dance with their girls. 

The enemy has taken out the head of the home. Like Kamunyak, our homes have fallen just the same. There is no direction. There is no provision. There is no standard. What are our wives to do? Our children? Should they follow? Follow what?

I find it interesting that at the end of the show, it was mentioned that, over the next year, Kamunyak was found doing this same thing with four more oryx’s. They explained that all of them either died of starvation, were attacked by other lions, or were finally abandoned by her in the end. 

Sounds like a lot of women I know. They’re empty, yet trying to fill needs they see around them without aim. Is it any wonder they have become obsessed with work? Other men? Shopping? Name it. They have no direction. 

And what about the children? They’re a product of brokenness as well. They become alcoholics, homosexuals, fornicators, etc. Deep inside, they really want acceptance, direction, and love. Instead, they’re ignored, abused, insulted, and on and on.

It’s time for men to love their wives like Christ loved the church. It’s time for fathers to love their children and lead them to Christ through their instruction and their example. It’s time for the home to rise.

Men, it’s time for us to deny ourselves. Think about it. What can you do to let go of the things you desire now? What could you give up? Pride? Anger? Golf? TV? Alcohol?

Our wives and children are aching for direction. God put us at the head of the home because he believed we could lead it. Are you leading your home to Christ? Or, are you leading your home to hell?

“I urge you, first of all, to pray for all people. Ask God to help them; intercede on their behalf, and give thanks for them. Pray this way for kings and all who are in authority so that we can live peaceful and quiet lives marked by godliness and dignity.”

I Timothy 2:1-2 NLT


  1. Don’t just come out and say what needs to be said or anything. Man, that hurt but in a good way. I saw that program that you are talking about and I was amazed. Yes, these are animals we are dealing with, but as men, we often act like animals instead of the wonderful people that God made us to be. Thank you for knocking the stupid out of me so that I can get my “pride” to not be about pride, but love and leadership.

    Thank you for what you do on this site.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Mark. I felt the Holy Spirit moving in me as I watched this. I knew immediately it was for our readers. I’m thankful to know it hit home, as God intended.

    “As iron sharpens iron”, brother, “so one man sharpens another”. I’ll be looking for some sharpening later.

  3. Wow. That makes so much sense to me. My marriage has been in a constant struggle from day one and reading this…it all makes so much sense now. My husband has issues with all that and then some…pornography, drugs, alcohol. I have begged and begged for him to take control and be leader of our household and he just won’t do it.
    “Sounds like a lot of women I know. They’re empty, yet trying to fill needs they see around them without aim. Is it any wonder they have become obsessed with work? Other men? Shopping? Name it. They have no direction.” THIS IS ME! I fail God constantly because my faith gets so weak and I get so discouraged. Thank you for this! Now, if I only knew how to fix it…

  4. Shannon, I’m glad you found that the post and that it hit home with you. Thanks for commenting. I’m going to shoot you an email and will be praying for your home.

  5. […] the handy work of Satan himself. He’s taking men out left and right, because he knows that by taking out the leader of the home, he’s taking out the homes themselves and the church as well. This is why we have so many […]

  6. […] A New Man Over the last several months, Lisa and I have been serving a local couple who have deeply been hurting. A local church sent them to us, and we’ve been fighting for them like crazy. The husband’s affair was ripping the family apart, but through the love of Christ, the wife held on. She loved him even when she wasn’t herself loved by him. She extended the love of her Father to her husband in amazing form and is winning the battle. […]

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