Posted by: Derek Guyer | May 13, 2008

Prayers Needed

Adultery, broken hearts, fornication, lost purity, lying, broken trust…and on and on. We’re hearing about it all every day now.

Due to the nature of these problems we’re dealing with here at Rise of the Home, privacy is paramount. We’re ministering to both husbands and wives who are in physical and emotional affairs, and the pain is unreal. We talk to couples daily who are suffering from what Satan’s doing to destroy what God has brought together, and we need to pray.

Actually, we’d like to ask for your prayers. We have numerous couples who are in the midst of affairs. Some working their way out of them. Some are just getting started by acknowledging their problems and confessing them. Still others are being awakened to the gravity of their sins. These are weighty matters and we’d love for you to be praying.

People everywhere are suffering with these problems now even as you read. Please pray for open hearts, healing, and Jesus Christ to shine in the midst of this incredible darkness. 


  1. Derek, the night you called Ken and talked to him about your marriage, I spent the night in tears in my bed, sad that our friends could be in so much pain and yet fearful that it could just as easily have been us. Seeing you and Lisa use your faith to pull you through those first couple of years kept me even more focused on my marriage and my devotion to my husband. Reading your posts thus far, I cannot agree more that a love for the Father and a complete embrace of the roles he set for his children is the key to a solid foundation in marriage. I’m excited about your work so far and can’t wait to see what lies ahead for you two. We love and miss you dearly. –Kacey

  2. Thanks for the reminder to pray. We believe in what you guys are doing, and God is certainly in the midst of it. Just as the people you speak with are struggling and need help, I am sure that you need an “Aaron and Hur” to hold you up while you speak Christ’s love and God’s power into their lives. Praying for the couples and families you are communicating with, and praying for YOU.

  3. Kacey, thank you so much! I wondered in calling that night to tell Ken, what God had going on behind the scenes to lead me to call Ken in the first place. I didn’t understand, but obviously God had a very specific purpose in mind. I’m so encouraged to hear this. We love you guys as well and appreciate the support and prayers!

    Cindy, I hadn’t pictured that example in my mind, but it’s perfect. We do need that power and that’s exactly what we’re asking for. As I have said to others who are supporting us financially, we need prayers far more than we need money. The money will help in the short term to keep our family going, but we know God can provide all that we ask or need. We need healing and “life abundantly” to encourage these homes as they’re hurting. Please continue to pray to that end. Thanks!

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