Posted by: Derek Guyer | May 6, 2008

Rise of the Home Update

Lisa and I want to thank everyone for the love & encouragement shown as we shared bits and pieces of our story over the last couple of weeks. It was awesome to see so many thoughts shared, both publicly and privately to Lisa’s confession and my response. As well, it was great to see the overwhelming number of hits on the site and links back to us. It’s confirmed to both Lisa and I why God has lead us to share our story in the first place. What could have ended in divorce and brokenness has been an incredible victory for Jesus.

We’re really excited to see some of the amazing things God has been doing behind the scenes to pull all of this together as we’re doing one small piece of it. We received news in the past couple of weeks that we’re going to be receiving all of our branding for Rise of the Home for free. Charlie Trotter, of Type Is Where It’s At, has offered to design our logo, website, book covers and materials, all pro bono to help make what we’re doing more appealing to our readers and market. We’re really pumped to have his help and are blessed to know God is working to help provide such an amazing offer.

As well, we’ve received word from numerous professional counselors/friends who have offered to step in and offer their expertise and help to our readers. We have some who will be writing for the blog from time to time, as well as helping us as we’re speaking and counseling the couples who have been contacting us. The best part is that those who are offering are people who have Godly homes already. We couldn’t ask for any more. Praise God!

Some of you have been looking over our short and long term goals over the past couple of weeks as we’ve been raising support to continue our writing and work. We have a lot planned that we believe will really be helpful to broken homes and need to get started with some of it. We’re going to begin adding some new features to the site over the next few weeks and look forward to seeing how they impact our readers. 

Again, we have a lot planned, but if you have ideas or thoughts for posts, feel free to shoot them at us. They may or may not fit in the direction God us taking this, but we’d be more than happy to hear what you’re thinking and pray some of it through. As always, “A man plans his course, but God determines his steps.”

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