Posted by: Derek Guyer | April 8, 2008

Lost Roles & The Revolution

It’s an amazing thing to be living in the information era. Pull up Google and type in anything, and an incredible amount of information lies at your fingertips. What no library could hold, is now available to any man or woman with a few minutes who has access to a computer and a modem. It’s absolutely astonishing what’s available.

Check out what I found on WikiAnswers:

Q: “What is the husband’s role in today’s society?”

A: “Assuming that a husband has a different role in today’s society than any other time implies that a wife has a specific role as well. Just as the wife’s role can be in homemaking or in the job market, the husband can equally contribute to homemaking or the job market. There is no one role a husband plays, just as there is no one role a wife plays. Believing that there are is the foundation of sexism.”

It’s a good thing we have Wiki to run to for all of life’s really important questions, huh?

Sadly, when searching the internet, you’ll get a lot of what you just read above. You get answers from people who have no idea what they’re talking about. There is no authority. No paradigm. Just do what feels right. Do what you think is best. People are seriously going to places like Wiki to look for answers about how to live, and their standard is themselves. It’s the “blind leading the blind.”

Lisa and I believe this contributed to our own fall. We lost sight of what it meant to be husband and wife in the eyes of God. Satan had us right where he wanted us. We had lost our roles.

So has most of the world. What little they do understand about Biblical roles can easily be dismissed because the Bible is “outdated”.

It’s time for a change. We believe God’s calling for a revolution in the home. This podcast is dedicated to that revolution.

Listen in, this may be the moment God’s been leading you to for quite a while. After all, as Solomon said, “a man plans his course, but God determines his steps”:

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